The Clinical Inks Academy is an online training platform for permanent make up and microblading. We do our best to prepare all student to become permanent make up and microblading artists. We want all our students to succeed which is why we do offer multiple class retake and individual feedback. As long as we remain incorporated, the number of retake is unlimited. Students must go through the same class process, lecture,quizzes and complete the assignments again. 


Success will vary from student to student. Some students might be a region where permanent make up service/microblading is more popular. Some students might have better consumer service skills. It might take some students longer to build a clientele list or obtain the permanent make up/skills. The Clinical Inks Academy cannot make any guarantee on any student's future financial income, tattoo skills, job placement, and other success related outcome. We cannot guarantee that a student will receive a body art practitioner license from their state and/or local health department. 


Permanent make up and microblading are classified as a tattoo service. Tattoo services can only be legally performed by a licensed body art practitioner. Before a student commits to our training, the student should check with their local state health department to make sure our training will allow for them to become certificated. Each state and health department has their own requirements to become  certificated tattoo artists. For example in Oregon, a student must complete 360 hours of training - 210 theory and 150 practical. In states such as California, there is no regulation on hours. It is the responsibility of the potential student to contact their local health (in the city they want to do in business in) department for their regulations. 

We are more than happy to work with your local health department to get you qualified. An example of E-mail us at support@clinicalinksacademy.com with your name, the local department contact information (e-mail, website the contact's name and e-mail) and a summary of your communication. There is no fee included with this service.  This request is for our training only. We do not work any other permanent make up on their behalf. All answers are given elusively for the Clinical Inks Academy training. If the student wishes to go to another educational service, the student must repeat the process for that school as the Clinical Inks Academy will not be responsibility if that school does meet the same requirement. The student will be carbon copy in all e-mails between the Clinical Inks Academy and the health department. If the health department did not carbon copy the student in the e-mail then the Clinical Inks Academy will forward the student a copy of the e-mail.

The Clinical Inks Academy is not a higher education or a post secondary school. In the future, we will like to work with the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment through the Veteran Benefits. However, at this time we do not accept any G.I. Bill as a form of payment. All courses, application and admission fees are the same for all potential students regardless of race, age, gender, and veteran status. Our course will never be discounted as we view it unfair for students who have paid full price. Future prices can go up due to demand and cost of living. We do not do 'rain-check' if the price goes up.

We do offer 'scholarships' will be applied for the students cost of a course, application and admission fees. Scholarship are limited. They are given by the Clinical Inks Academy and the amount will be from our books. If a third party wishes to sponsor a scholarship, the name of the donor will be listed below. The number of scholarship, amount and what the scholarship will be listed on each publication. To ensure the integrity of the scholarship, we will publish the first name and initial of each individual that receives it as well as their city and state. Scholarships and its award are limited. The Clinical Inks Academy not guarantee that every application will get one or is eligible for one. Students can receive multiple course for multiple course; however, the individual is limited to one scholarship per course. A student cannot combine scholarship for the same course.

All student are required to pay an one time $75 enrollment fee. The enrollment fee is non fund able even if the student wishes not to attend to any courses here. 

All students are given the same course material and educational learning experience in each session courses. The course time frame date for completion are the same regardless of the season. The only thing different would be the start date and graduation date. For example the microblading spring session will start on January 1st and will be completed by April 30th. The summer session will start on May 1st and end in August 30th. Both course have the same four month time frame. Course materials will be updated to keep up with trends and health regulations. Students will have access to all past, present and course material. When there is new material, the student will be sent an e-mail with instruction on how to access the course material. 

A student's graduation date can be extended due to personal reasons such as inability to meet the financial agreement, military leave, etc... There will be no additional fees for the extension. If we noticed that a student has missed more than two weeks, we will contact the student once by phone and by e-mail in the third week. Anther phone call and e-mail will be made in the fourth week. We want to respect our student's life and will wait for the student to contact us if we do not get a respond after the second attempt. If at any time the student tells us to stop all communication, we will stop all e-mails, letter mail and e-mails. 

The student cannot graduate sooner than the agreed time even if the student is repeating the course. 

The time line is listed below: 

  • Areola - 3 months 

  • Blush - 3 months 

  • Eyebrow (Ombre) - 4 months

  • Camouflage - 3 months

  • Eyeliner - 4 months

  • Freckles/Scalp - 3 months

  • Lip - 3 months

  • Eyebrow (Machine Hair Strokes) - 4 months

  • Microblading - 4 months

Each course will have its own material kit. Material kit might change from session to session. A detailed description of the material kit will be provided on the course description. Each student will receive the same material and its quantity. Colors of machine are usually in black or silver (depending on the course). 

This time is line is projected that the student completes all assignment, quizzes and test on time and is in good financial standing with the Clinical Inks Academy. If for any reason a student is unable to make payments, we have the right to pause the course until the student is caught up with the payment. But please contact us (by phone, e-mail or fax) about making arrangements. We don't want you to fall behind. We understand that sometimes 'life happens' and its already stressful having to worry about money. We will work with each student case by case if a student is unable to make payments. 

Once a student is graduated, the student has earned that certification. We will not revoke the completed course and the certification under any reason. 

We recommend that a student performs any tattoo related services once the student is comfortable doing so. Just because a student has taken and completed the course does not mean the student is mentally ready for a live client. A student can always take more time to practice on synthetic skin and practice using only make up. We recommend the student finding 'models' that they can work provide free or low cost service to. Students are advised that this is an online training platform and the first few clients that the student works on the student might experience some nervousness. Like all professions, the students will become better and more confident with time.Students should have the 'model' sign waivers that they understand that this service is for portfolio building. If the student is still comfortable providing the service, the student is welcome to retake the class. Students are more than welcome to e-mail us for feedback. 

We have consent forms provided. This is our consent form and is for our students usage only. Our students pay a lot of money to learn here. We ask that the consent form not be shared as it is unfair for the other students who pay to receive this material.The student is still responsible to make sure that the consent form is in regulation with their local health department. The consent form is allowed to be mortified for that reason. Students are allow to edit the consent form to add their own business logo and information on there. 

All images, videos and written contents are owned by the Clinical Ink LLC. Students are prohibited from using any image, video and written content without our written permission. Written content are (and not limited to) our syllabus, website blogs, website course information, course category, Power Point presentations, course PDF, podcast, videos, logos, and consent form.

The Clinical Inks Academy provides recommendation on marketing and promotions. Success of the student will depend on the student's ability to do the service, the business demographic and the market of people wanting to get permanent make up. The Clinical Inks Academy (Clinical Inks LLC) does not make any kind of guarantee or promise of any successes. We do not make any promises or uses any promises/guarantee in any of our marketing technique. We use the word potential and possibility.  

The Clinical Inks Academy is under the Clinical Inks Academy LLC in the state of California. The Clinical Inks Academy has filed a doing business as in the county of Ventura in the state of California.

Understanding Tattoo Risks

All tattooing have some kind of risks. As permanent make up and microblading fall under the category of tattooing, the two (permanent make up and microblading) have the same risks. The risks include (but are not limited to) scarring, keloiding, skin inability to not take in pigment.


All clients are a consider a liability. Students need to have the client fill out a consent form. The consent form can include future sessions. This is to protect from law suits. 

All clients are also health risk. Because we are cutting into the skin, we are working with open skin and blood. Students need to protect themselves from infected blood. Students must have the proper personal protection at all time. Even if the student is related to the client. 

If an artist is uncomfortable working on a client, it is better not to provide the service. The artist should apologize for not being the right match for the client. If the client leaves a negative review, the artist should respond that the artist felt that she/he was unable to provide the requested look and did not want to jeopardize the client's face. It is up to the artist to offer a full or partial refund. 

Future complications can occur after the client has left. This include (but not limited to):

  • allergic reaction to tattoo dyes, which may develop years later; signs of an allergic reaction include a rash at the tattoo site

  • skin infection, such as a staph infection or tuberculosis

  • development of nodules of inflamed tissue called granulomas around the tattoo site

  • formation of keloids, which are overgrowth of scar tissue

  • blood-borne diseases, such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, and tetanus; these can be contracted by using contaminated tattoo needles that haven’t been sanitized

  • interference with future magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests

  • burning or swelling at the tattoo site

More than 50 colorings used in tattoos have been approved for use in cosmetics, but the risk of injecting them beneath the skin is unclear. Such pigments are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Trusted Source (FDA). So far, the FDA has only looked at whether these pigments were safe for external use, not for injection under the skin. No coloring has been officially approved for injection under the skin.


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