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Located in the heart of the exclusive Beverly Hills, we are proud to have offered amazing services that cater to all women and men. We have had a huge range of clients from young social media influences wanting bold looking to older clients who desire more classical and timeless beauty outcome.


In our many years of service, we have learned to adjust our needles to meet with the clients' request. We have a background in traditional body art tattooing and gone through three separate training for permanent make up.  Unfortunately, most of of our clients have came in for correct due to previous botched work. We understand that good training can be expensive and its hard to consistently pay for continuous education. Which is why the Clinical Inks Academy wanted to share our technique that we with all so that anybody that wants to learn.


Our world class courses has raised the bar of individualized tuition that is ideal for all to learn exactly what they need. This course is divided into separate sections that include: 

  • Learning to create soft, natural looks that brings out long lasting beauty

  • Making use of a wide range of pigmentation to achieve outstanding results that will turn heads.

  • Advanced color fading techniques that seamlessly accentuate cheekbones, eyebrows and facial structure to optimize 

  • Correcting the mistakes of the past technicians' work will allow you to move forwards with confidence and style

  • Different methods for delivering the same context such as PDF's, slides and videos 

  • Requiring a passing test score for students to move onto to the next lesson

* Students must buy their own supplies and machines. A list of necessary items  are in the course description. 

Prep-Work Before You Start Your New Career

We do not have certain requirements to join our program. However, it is high recommended decision to check with the local governments on their requirements. Depending on the city or state, certain requirements or education may be necessary in order for you get your body art license with the local state health department.

These possible requirements could include being of minimum age or an apprenticeship experience. It is important that you understand regulations vary based off your location. Regulations in one location cannot be assumed to be the same regulations for another location. For example, the same regulations in California differ from the regulations in Missouri. 

It is important for all future body students to follow the rules regarding microblading, body art, beauty and makeup that is permanent. City, state, county and country may be considered your local government. In addition, your local government may also be where you currently live or where you plan to live. The Clinical Inks Academy does not promise to meet all the government regulations regarding body art. All questions should be directed to support@clinicalacademy.com

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433 North Camden Drive Suite 400

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