How Much Do Microblade Technicians Start Out Making?

You have probably seen some outrages microblading prices. $400 a service! $700 a session!! $1200 a session!!! Holy molly that is a lot of money you could be making. But lets be real here. Those artists have probably spent years building up their clienteles and working on their craft. So what could you expect to be making. The Clinical Inks Academy has done the research for you. We have randomly collected prices from 4 of the biggest cities in the United States.

We got the following prices from Groupon. Groupon is an amazing place to start advertising when you're new. They have clients from all ages and background. They don't charge up front marketing fees. They handle all the promotions and payment. So here is a February 2020 list of some artists:

Los Angeles, California:

New York, NY:

Houston, TX:

Las Vegas, NV

We, the Clinical Inks Academy, are not afflicted with any of the shops listed above. We wanted to give you (the potential student) a non biased truthfully idea on what you can potentially making training with us or learning else where.

If the links are not working it most likely that the business has discontinue their promotion on Groupon. That often happens when artists feel like they have so many clients now and referrals that they no longer need Groupon services. Please note that some of the business above have been in business for some time and some are just starting out. Please contact them directly to see how they are doing, when specifically they got started and how much they are charging now.

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