8 Clients You Need to Avoid! No Lawsuit!

When you’re first open shop, you just want to please everybody. You want everybody to just rave and refer you so you can pay your bills. But that’s not going to happen. You’re going to get at least one bad client. Spot this bad client before it is too late.

The following are people who should NOT be getting microblading or any other kind of permanent make up service. This list goes beyond the high demanding personality. This list are people that would have a good lawsuit case even if they signed a consent form:

1.Individuals that are prone to keloids, have thin skin, Rosacea or any other post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. Needles are used to puncture pigment deep into the the skin. There's a chance that the client could not healing correctly.

2. Individuals with dark pre-existing dark permanent make up tattoo. Think of it like putting a cream color coat of paint over a dark blue room. Maybe it would get lighter? Maybe it would be a waste of time? It’s not impossible, but when you are first starting out, you might not be experience enough to do this kind of service. Dark colors are hard to lighten up. With time and practice you will become more naturally more skilled and can offer this service. But rather than just diving in suggest saline removal. Saline removal is a pigment lightening technique that breaks pigment turning the client a blank canvas. Sign up in our newsletter for the announcement of our coming saline removal.

3. Individuals under 18 years of age or whatever is legal age in your state to get a tattoo. No client is worth breaking the law.

4. Individuals undergoing active chemotherapy. Their skin is super sensitive due to treatment. There’s a possibility that the pigment might not even hold. Suggest waiting until after they completed treatment for the best results. To avoid getting a negative response, let them know the reasons why.

Tip: Tell them it would be a gift to themselves when they beat chemo.

5. Clients with HIV, Hepatitis or any other kind of transmittable blood disease. This is more for your safety then a lawsuit. If you do decide to work on these clients remember no glove no love.

6. Clients with any kind of skin conditions like eczema. You don’t know how the pigment is going to react to the skin condition. Offer to do a patch test to be safe. Remember that even through it is just a patch test, you should ask the client to fill out a consent form as you are still opening a new needle.

7. Clients that have just gotten Botox fillers. Their skin tends to tighten up. The pigment might move completely somewhere else if they skin sags. Ask the client to wait four weeks after getting Botox.

Tip: To avoid a negative response, tell them that you care about the final results and want to give them the best results. Tell them that you have seen other women get them done (not by you of course) and they look like they have McDonald Arch Brows.

8. Individuals that are pregnant or nursing. Many health departments have made it a law that you cannot tattoo anybody that is pregnant or nursing. They don’t know this so the responsibility falls on you.

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