3 Questions You Need to Ask to Find The Best Microblading Training

You’re searching through Google to find the best microblading program. Every live and online training program is starting to blur together from repeating the same promise.

“We are the best.”

“Make Six Figures Tomorrow!”

“Be certificated within 3 days.”

Let’s be real here. If microblading is so easy to learn, then why isn’t the market more saturated? How can microblade technician claim to be skilled in their craft if its so easy that anybody can do it? According to a 2018 In Style article, the price of microblading can cost anywhere from $250-$1000. The range is so wide because not every microblading technician can provide the same result. Sure, it depends on the location, but in a city like Los Angeles, you can find Groupon Deals for $200 and you can find high end technicians that charge for $1200.

But still making $200 still sounds pretty doesn’t it? You can just skip years of medical school to make $200 an hour by just taking a three days course? The truth is you can’t just start microblading in three days. You can maybe learn the technique in three days, but you’re going to practice at home before you can open shop. You’re not going to be able to catch on to your mistakes. You’re not going to stop yourself from becoming heavy handed. You’re going to practice with the best intention of getting better only to not realize that realize you’re cutting too deep. You know what happens when you cut into skin too deep? Yes, the same thing that would happen if you accidentally cut yourself with a deep sharp knife. You’re going to cause scarring on somebody’s eyebrows. In those three days course, you are just another number in a room. You move along just like everybody else.

Before you pick a school you should ask the following question:

  1. How are you going to be grading me? How you are going to check to make sure that I’m going in deep enough to get the pigment in but not too deep that I’m causing scarring?

  2. Are you going to be making sure that I’m successful when I’m done with this course? Or this a done deal when the course is completed?

  3. How many people are in this course? How are you going to have the time to make sure we are getting this?

At the Clinical Inks Academy, we care about the students we are putting out. We are an exclusive training program that standard is so high that we only accept professions already working in the beauty industry. We don’t want to put those 3 days student. We grade your microblading assignments weekly. You will send us your work weekly so we can see how deep your cuts are. If you’re tearing up the pad, we are going to show how to balance your handle with the hand tool. If your strokes look more like scratches, you have to repeat the assignment until you stop being so scared of the blade. For four months we train your hand the right way so when you do work on your first client, it would be all muscle memory. We only take on a boutique size of students every session (100) so that we can give each one of our student the individual attention they are paying for. We grade your assignment in comparison to our training standard and

improvements from your previous weeks to make sure you're understanding the process.

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