Freckles & Scalp x Micro Pigmentation

This is a two for one course. Learn one technique for two services

Course Curriculum
Feature Topics
  • Color Combination
  • Needles Depth, Type & Size
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Scalp Outlining
  • Zodiac Freckles Mapping
Course Description
The purpose of this course is to teach students how to deposit needles into the depth of the skin. With one technique students will be able to replica freckles and scalp dots in between hair follicles. This course train students to work in an infection prevention control environment and to create their own facility plan.

Our curriculum is  divided into four phases. Students will be graded on their quizzes, weekly assignments and exam. Each section will have its own passing standard. As long as the account remains in positive financial standing. time extension are granted at no additional cost.


  • Phase One - Theory & Preparation

  • Phase Two -Technique Development

  • Phase Three - Synthetic Skin

  • Phase Four - Final Exam

Expand your business by offering the trademark of unconventional beauty that is freckles and by offering a service exclusively to men.

The duration of the course is designed to be completed in 3 months. It is suggested that students learn at a rate of one lesson per week. For completion students must demonstrate the proper technique of freckles and micro scalp pigmentation. Student will receive certification upon completion.

Tuition are paid by advertisers.

The 3 months is only a recommendation. Students are welcome to move their own pace.

Supply kits and tattoo machines are not included. Student must purchase on their own. 

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