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Frequently Asked Questions

How Are We Able to Keep It at No Cost?

We prefer not to describe our courses as being free, as people have to watch a couple of advisement to watch each of our training videos. By placing adverts on our site people do not have to worry about funding a course that will help further their education. Each time you need or wish to visit our website an advert will be there. Each of our course videos is linked to an advert and we are paid for every advert that is viewed. The courses are not free as you have to watch an advert for each one that you view. 

However there is no requirement for you click or make a purchase from any of the adverts. You are free to either by pass the ad or to click on the adverts if any of these catch your eye. The amount of advert will depend on the video length. Most ten minutes video have 3 thirty seconds video. 

Academy Disclaimer - buying anything from the adverts or clicking onto them will not increase the amount of courses you can view, additional content  or affect your final grades. Furthermore, the Clinical Inks Academy has no affiliation with any of the adverts shown via the website. Students will not receive any monetary incentive from the ads he/she watches or clicks on.

Our training is taught at a beginner level. We will start you off on face charts. From there you will progress with speed and precision how using a ruler and pigment selection

Must I have make up artist experience?

Does the Clinical Inks Academy

give supplies to students?

Are there any hidden or other cost?

Students will need to purchase their own supplies. The Clinical Inks Academy does not include or sell any supplies or tattoo machines.

No, just supply your own supplies and equipment.

We will never ask for your credit card any information or any other type of payment.

You can start the class whenever you are ready. You will have twenty-four access to all your classes. 

Our minimum age requirement is 18 years old. We do not accept minors even with a guardian consent.

When can I start learning?

How will I get the information for my class?

All information is provided will be given in the format of a video, practice labs, Power Point or PDF. 

Am I getting the same information with the online class as in person?

The online class allows you to move at your own speed which allows you to grasp the information in a way that works better for you. 

Do I have to wait to complete a course to start working as a permanent make up?

We will give you a certificate after you have completed beauty training. Most governments require you to take a blood borne pathogen certification. 

We do recommend that students start working as professions when the student has completed the course and is confident in their skills.

How do I get a body art license?

You will have to contact your local government center and ask to speak to the local health department to get information and get questions answered about the body art license. Ask to see if they require a in person apprenticeship or have a minimum of supervisor tattoos hours.

Local government may include your country, state, county and city in which you are wanting to work from or live in.

Is this an accredited or postsecondary training?

We are not an accredited school or a post secondary school. California does not have a Board of Education that oversees body art tattoo.

We are a a LLC in the State of California and our business can be found on the California Secretary of State. Our business operates in Beverly Hills.  

Feel free to e-mail us if you have any additional questions

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