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How Can Online Training Be A Better

Education Option Than Attending A Live Class?

Our course is the same training that you would receive at many of our 'in person competitors'. We go a step further by spreading the information in four months rather than 3 days.


In a live classroom setting, you are limited by the time you have to learn. Sometimes you might not be able to pay attention because you're too focused on note taking to be process the information. Even if you get overwhelmed you have to move along with your classmate. 


You're be surprised how straight forward online training can be. We have an introduction tutorial to show you how navigate and access the platform. The tutorial will show you how to download PDF, make sure the layout is mobile friendly to your phone and how to take our quizzes.

We do our best so you can be your best.

You Can Change Your Mind

Let us know by e-mail or phone that you are cancelling. Withdraw requests must be made within six days after you complete your enrollment agreement.


For example: if you enrolled on January 1st, you will have to until the 7th to send in a request. Please include your full name and your course. If you had completed your application with our financing company, we will have to submit your request by the six day after your credit application. To be safe we should submit the request within five days. This is our financing company's policy. We have to respect their policy as we independent from each other. We don't want you receive any kind of penalty or have a difficult time with the request.

Please keep in mind that both the credit application and student enrollment are nonrefundable.

Beware of Cheaping Your Education

You can't learn everything on YouTube. How would your clients feel if you were to tell them that you learned how to use a small knife to make eyebrows on their face? Would you trust somebody injecting ink into your lips from just watching YouTube? The best scenario is that they turn you down. The worst is having to go in front of a judge to explain how YouTube videos are efficient education. It probably won't hold up as many videos have disclaimers that the video is for entertainment purpose only.


Give yourself the opportunity to learn from the best permanent make up and microblading online platform.  We offer in house financing with a six days free risk policy. You don't have to settle for the cheapest course or free ones.

By receiving an education, you are giving yourself the experience to be critique. You are learning depth. You are learning how how to recognize mistakes, stop and to fix them. Your clients face are not guinea pigs for trail and error's. Our course will show you how to fix your needle, how to dilute pigment and how to catch mistakes like ink skipping - something a newbie wouldn't be able pick up from a YouTube video. 

"Test Drive a Course"

We want you to be confident in taking our course which is why we are offering a complimentary brow lamination demo course. This course will give you the guidance to start offering brow lamination. Because we follow every state cosmetology regulation, our professions will show you how to use tweezers for stray hairs instead of waxing. This course will include a certification that you can print and proudly frame.

This course does not include a kit; however, we do suggest having one. You can purchase one here through our Amazon suggestion page. Or you can use your own brow kit. 

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-Why Us-

"It all started when I had opened my first location inside a Sola Salon. Most of my clients were referrals by the beauticians inside the honey comb. I was always stunned to see the extended family relationship they had with their clients. Many of the referrals didn't even ask to see my work because they simply trusted the recommendation.

One day I asked an aesthetician why she just doesn't  add microblading to her service? She told me that she would love to learn but didn't have the time or money. It adds up when you have to pay upfront tuition, take time off from work  to attend, child care  and to perfect it .

She said if she could just have get one microblading client a month, she would save all that money and use it  towards  opening up her own studio. The average cost of Microblading in Thousand Oaks, California was $600. If she was able to get one new client a month, she would have saved $7200 in one year.

If you are reading this, most likely you are experiencing the same. You're probably plateauing right now. You are already  doing everything in your shop - cleaning it, handling your own marketing, accounting and working on your clients. You want to expand  your brand, but there are some barriers like time and money...Read more

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