"It all started when I had opened my first location inside a Sola Salon. Most of my clients were referrals by the beauticians inside the honey comb. I was always stunned to see the extended family relationship they had with their clients. Many of the referrals didn't even ask to see my work because they simply trusted the recommendation.

One day I asked an aesthetician why she just doesn't  add microblading to her service. She told me that she would love to learn but didn't have the time or money. It adds up when you have to pay upfront tuition, take time off from work  to attend, child care  and to perfect it . She said if she could just have get one microblading client a month, she would save all that money and use it  towards  opening up her own studio.

If you are reading this, most likely you are experiencing the same. You're probably plateauing right now. You are already  doing everything in your shop - cleaning it, handling your own marketing, accounting and working on your clients. You want to expand  your brand, but there are some barriers like time and money.

The Clinical Inks Academy is an exclusive program committed to training those already in the beauty industry. Much of the learning is  repetition. I can relate when it comes to caring about having a good reputation. I care so much about our training and the students we are putting there, that I decided to  only to work with those already in the beauty industry. I want students that are committed to providing the best service.  I don't want to take on students who are only interested in taking a three day course just to get out there. If they do  'bad work' it would get back to our training's credibility. You know how much  time, effort and  repetition it takes to have  a longevity career. You already have a steady hand. You understand color theory. You're the ideal student which is why our program has taken care of some of your possible challenges such time and up front cost.  You just need guidance. Let the Clinical Inks Academy be your mentor."


- Ashllynn Ngo                        

Founder of the Clinical Inks Academy                             

Clinical Inks Academy

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