With everything that is going on with the Covid-19 pandemic, the Clinical Inks Academy has found a way to close the financial gap for those wanting to get into the beauty industry. 

Students are able to get the best microblading online training and permanent make up education without having to sacrifice monetary compensation.

The Beauty of Permanent Make Up & Microblading


Perhaps you are looking for a new side hustle that would allow you to explore your creativity. Or maybe you want to become your own boss. Whatever your reason may be, a new career in permanent make up and microblading may be the key.

The beauty industry has the consistency that you have been longing for. Clients often stay loyal to someone that they already trust. When you deliver the best service, clients often show their appreciation by giving referrals. You can continue to grow either learning a new technique or add on another service.

Potential Income

Permanent make up and microblading can be an income generator. Of course the skill level and the business demographic will determine the salary of the permanent make up artist and 'microblader'. [According to Zip Recruiter] the average annual salary is $82,872. Zip Recruiter sees the highest annual as $397,500. A typical permanent make up procedure cost between $400 to $800.


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